Vercace HouseThere are so many reasons why to live in Florida. For snowbirds, it's the sunshine. For people looking for a more international lifestyle - it's the glitz of South Beach. For those looking for uber-luxury there is West Palm Beach. For those looking for a conservative, kid friendly environment there is Disney's home of Orlando. There are just so many choices as to where to live.

Much like Nevada, Florida boasts no state income tax thus lures people of high net worth incomes from real estate markets like Beverly Hills and or Malibu. Dotcom and tech executives are flocking to Florida more and more even from Silicon Valley much like people such as HP's Meg Whitman moved to Nevada. Sports stars are drawn to Florida real estate constantly. Some say that no state taxes was a major factor in getting LeBron James to leave Cleveland for Miami. PGA Tour golfers not only enjoy the weather but they also enjoy the tax benefits and ease of travel from Florida to their South Beach Condoweekly "tour stops".

Where to buy a home in Florida is an interesting question. Unlike many parts of places such as Malibu, Beverly Hills, The Hamptons, Manhattan, Napa Valley and San Francisco - Florida has been hard hit in many places by the real estate recession. Waterfront homes are still at a premium but cities like Miami, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and elsewhere have meaningful volumes of homes and condos built and sold during the boom if the mid-2000's. Unlike much of the best locations in California and New York - there are many more real estate bargains in Florida as a comparison. Condos especially offer an easy escape from the cold of the Northeast. Single family homes are recovering in price but not seemingly as fast as other top markets thus making Florida a hot place to invest in real estate. Overseas money from Europe especially seems to be flowing into Florida real estate but its picking up some momentum from national buyers. Simply put - its hard not to pick a winner if you go premium with a Florida condo or single family home. Waterfront homes are more expensive but a bit more recession proof. Either way, you could be buying into a steal in the Florida home market right now.

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